Our privacy policy mainly caters the reservations of people who are majorly concerned about their identifiable personal information being used online. First of all one must understand what is PII, it is the information or chunks of valuable and sensitive information that could prove helpful in identifying the contact and location of an individual which eventually leads to the recognition of the person. It is advised that you go through our policy to have a better understanding of how we use, collect, store and protect your personal information on our website.

We solemnly abide by all the practices and rules mentioned in our Privacy policy although privacy policy may change every now and then because of technological shift and new business development. Hereby is our currently in practice Privacy Policy.

Personal Information Collected from the people who sign up and use Our Services

Like all similar websites we do collect and save the following personal information from you. Rest assured that the collected information is not shared with any third party for commercial purposes and is only used to improve our website’s own content and services. Your personal information is only used for the services that you ask for, not for any other purpose.

Collected Personal Information

Majority of the information we store is provided by users themselves when they sign up for our services, complete list of collected and store information is as follows:

  • Volunteered Information: Information extracted from suggestions, queries and comments that may help in identification of an individual is also stored and not shared with anyone.
  • User Account Information: On account creation users are asked for name, contact number, email id, credit card information and billing address. This personal information is used for the betterment of our services and is carefully stored on our highly secure web servers.

When is Information Collected

Information is collected when you perform any of the following actions:

  1. Subscribe to monthly newsletter
  2. Post or Answer a Query on website
  3. Purchase something
  4. Create account on the website
  5. Register to chat

How is personal Information Utilized?

We use the provided personal information in the following ways:

  1. For analytical and statistical purposes
  2. For improving general user experience
  3. For speedy transactions
  4. For Package announcements
  5. For better customer service

Credit Card and Financial Information:

As mentioned above that for sign-up, purchase and subscription personal information is required along with credit card details. This financial information is stored and retrieved on request; moreover this information is also stored by our partner payment processing vendors who use it for lightening quick transactions. One thing must be noted that your financial details are not shared with any third party.

Information Disclosure

Majority of the information we store is provided by users themselves when they sign up for our services, complete list of collected and store information is as follows:

  • Statistics: We adhere the right of using your information for general research, analytics and statistical purposes without any prior notification.
  • Safety, Security and Legal Issues: We reserve the complete liberty to disclose personal information on court and relevant authorities order. We further may disclose information in certain arrangements that incline to our best and fair judgment. This information disclosure may be used to track down an individual. These decisions are taken on the basis of following.
    • To safeguard and protect our website rights and associated vendors
    • Observing legal requirements
    • Protection of our website’s integrity
  • Third Party Service Providers: Your personal information is exposed only to our associated vendors and service providers; this is done in order to catapult our services. Fast payment processing is only achieved through third party vendors. For the record it is stated that these vendors are only exposed to the required information and are not provided with any additional information.
  • Sales and Business Transfer: As mentioned above that we refrain from selling, exchanging and renting out your valuable personal information but it must be noted that in case of a decision taken by the organization to transfer rights to a successor company then your information will be shared with that particular organization. In case of such an occurrence, your information is stored under same guidelines and principals unless you are notified of the specific changes.

Cookies Policy

Cookies are minute files that our website downloads into your web browser which saves it onto your website. This is done with your permission and if you decline our request then we do not send cookies to your browser, but it is highly advised that you allow cookies as it increases user experience to a considerable extent. Cookies allow us to keep track of small but important chunk of information such as items in your shopping cart. Cookies further help us in displaying targeted results to your queries and in aggregating certain data for analytics and statistics.

Yes, we use cookies to collect your non-personal information, such as browsing history which enables us to enhance user experience on our website making it better than ever. We further use your browsing history to navigate ways through which we can serve you in a better capacity.

You can choose from multiple options to deal with cookies, either you can switch it to the irritating part that allows you to allow or disallow cookies each time the browser starts or you can keep them permanently activated or deactivated. Please bear in mind that if you do not allow cookies then you might miss out some great website features and moreover some functionalities might not work properly without cookies.

Third Party Promotion

We do not sell or promote any third party products and services on our website.

Privacy Protection Act

According to the Privacy Protection Act you agree to the following:

  1. We do not allow third party behavioural tracking
  2. Users are allowed to visit our website anonymously
  3. Users reserve the right to amend their personal information any time they want by logging into their website account
  4. Users are notified about any policy change through our Privacy Policy Page
  5. A link is created on the home page which directs you on this Privacy Policy Page
  6. URL of this Page includes the word ‘privacy’ which makes it super easy for easy navigation

Any Doubt?

Feel free to go to our FAQ section or contact us to know more.