130+ Page Type and counting…

A full hand of ready to use functions are waiting for you. In-App Purchases, Interactive Map, Near Me Directory, GPS and Directions, Images editor, PDF & EPUB Editor, Newsstand, Search Application Content, Coupon, Forms, Survey, Ecommerce, Mobile Store, Multiple Payment Methods, Dictionary, Menu pages, Blog & RSS Feed… and the list goes on.

We also provide special advance native code page type like…

  • Native iOS and Android
  • Phonegap & Ionic
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App Template

The quality of your design, functions and interface has a major impact in your app users. We make it easy and headache free for all of our users with our ready to use app templates.

Here are some reasons why our ready app templates are so amazing…

  • Everybody has accessed to all of our templates
  • Quickly adapt it to your design and branding
  • Choose and apply by just a few click
  • We’re adding continuously new mobile app templates
  • You could add any functions to any templates.
app ready templates

Push Notifications

Any app plan you’ll choose you’ll get unlimited back to back push notifications. No kidding, as simple as this. Our name is App Maker, cause we focus on making apps, not trying to hide fees or surprises from you. So no worries about sending push notification anymore for your chat or any other purposes hit in your app.

We also have special Push Notification features like…

  • Send any kind of push: message, internal or external app link
  • Send Geo-fence Push notifications
  • Announcements page for special promotion or message.
  • Topics Page that let user choose which push tell get prime for.

E commerce & Mobile Store

Mobile device owns the highest conversion rate. So thinking about making a transnational app, using e commerce or mobile store feature, is a wise decision.

  • In-App Purchases: Offer in-app purchases such as gifts, premium up-grades and virtual currency to increase user engagement..
  • Your Own E commerce POS: Target all sorts of markets such as technology, food and dairy by offering diverse and complete set of services and products.
  • Mobile Store: Monetize your app by adding In-App purchases, moreover sell apps and content on subscription basis.
  • Payment Methods: These multiple payment solutions are not only beneficial for you but also for your esteemed clients.
mobile store

Sync across all device

Whenever you update your live app, we make sure that these updates reach all the devices that have your app installed. This is done using cloud services, which are not only cheaper but also reliable and super quick.

Simply add new features in your app and simply click to sync and voil√† ! Next time app user login they’ll get the auto update no need to download app again.

  • Auto sync each time live app user open app.
  • No need to resubmit to App Stores or update app on device

Be Social

On mobile devices, one of the most common use is social and App Maker’s platform is ready for that! Let your customers do your marketing on Social Media channels.

Here are some social activity you could provide right out…

  • App Share: App sharing allows spreading the word about your app on various social media platforms.
  • Facebook: Login with Facebook, Facebook chat login, Facebook page.
  • YouTube:Integrate YouTube videos to your app and add links to YouTube channels, for educational, training or just for fun.
  • Twitter:Respond to tweets, tweet and re-tweet from your application without even leaving your app.

App user management

Give a controled user section in your app; from login to private data & information. App user section is in our to do list so it’s to be continued as well, to add always more feature to your app users.

  • Login Page
  • Private section
  • More is coming…
app user management

App Analytics

We know that sometimes it’s hard to keep up with everything. So we’ve build a stats page for your applications that run time statistics through appmaker.ca customized statistics. Track the actual number of downloads and app installations from the time of publish your app.

  • Available for any type of app
  • Individual app statistic page
app statistics

Rocket Features for your app

We help individuals and companies create professional Android and IPhone applications at an affordable price. Creating native applications has never been this easy as AppMaker.ca has simplified the process to a significant extent. Gone are those days when you needed to be a Xcode master, Java guru or a software engineer in order to develop your own applications. Now you simply need to choose a template, create content, add pictures and click a button. Our platform provides a unique mobile app design and development environment which includes handy design tools, Ecommerce templates, social app sharing features, push notification features and lot more.

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