1. How to develop and publish my own application?

You need to have an account for developing applications; account creation is simple and free of cost. Once you have an account, you need to select a template and start developing your application.

2. I am done with my application, what next?

You must ensure that your application follows all protocols, fulfills all necessary requirements and is ready for release.

  • Application icon must be a replica of iTunes icon but smaller (57*57) in size
  • Fill the information form and click Save
  • After submission our build developers check your application for non-functional buttons, broken links and irrelevant content
  • Applications with content that does not comply with website’s policy are rejected
  • Regularly Check the status of your application on Website until you receive a notification of Accepted or Rejected

3. What is push notification and how does it work?

Push notifications allow application to communicate with server even when the app is closed. You can push notifications about a latest upgrade, free giveaway or an upcoming offer, push notifications are a sure shot way of increasing user engagement. To enable push notifications you need to follow some simple steps.

  • Go to Push notification Screen
  • Create an APN certificate by following simple instructions and then upload the certificate
  • Create a mobile provision File
  • In case your application is already on App Store you need to create a new binary MobileProvision file and replace it with the existing one.
  • Once your binaries are approved, go to the push notification screen, type a message and push it.

4. If application data is saved on mobile phone, is it accessible without internet?

Yes, the data is accessible without internet if it is saved on mobile phone, as app data is stored on App Store/ Amazon App Store and can be accessed any time regardless of internet connection.

5. How to sell an application on App Store?

You need to have a DEV account with Apple under your name or your Company’s name, after that you are eligible to sell apps on App Store. You will receive direct payments from Apple. Learn more about DEV account at this LINK.

6. Is it possible to publish my iPhone app on Google Play Store as Android app?

IOS and Android are two separate technologies and you need to provide duplicate content for both applications. We have designed special softwares that help you replicate content efficiently. Find out more about app duplication on this Link.

7. Application’s Progress Status

In-Design (Unpaid) – 0
In-Design (Paid) – 1
Ready-For-Release – 2
In-Review – 3
In-App Store – 4

8. Is developer certificate a necessary requirement?

If you want your or your Company’s name appearing as author’s name then you ought to have a certificate otherwise it is not necessary. To learn more about certification, please follow the Link.

9. Where to find AppMaker.ca tutorials? And how do I pay for those?

You will find all tutorials on our Help Page and these are absolutely FREE.

10. What happens if I stop paying for my monthly subscription fee, do my already published apps on App Store become inaccessible to users?

Applications once published are always available for download but if you discontinue your monthly subscription in near future, users are unable to use the application. Users are displayed a warning message as they try to use the app and after that the app closes. Although once you pay your subscription fee your applications become usable again.

11. Can I delete an app from my application list?

In order to delete a Paid App you need to submit a support ticket, we will make it unpaid and then you can delete it.
In case of an un-paid app, you need to find the Delete (X) button, below the application icon, click it and your application will be deleted.

12. What is the estimated time for application approval?

It usually takes 4-10 business days for app approval but this is not fixed as sometimes it might take longer. Please bear in mind that Apple does not provide any specific time frame for approval process, this mentioned time period is based on our experience. We will take complete responsibility of highlighted technical issues and will fix them at the earliest. We expect that you have followed our and Apple’s guidelines for application’s content.

13. How many times can I make updates to my existing app?

App content can be updated infinite number of times, there is no restriction.

14. How much time does a binary building process requires?

Binary building process usually takes one or two business days.

15. Can I create app on my own editor and then publish it own on AppMaker?

Yes, you can create your app on your own editor but to run it on App Maker you need to follow a few steps.

  • Navigate application’s dashboard for the backup button
  • Unzip the downloaded file
  • Use Dreamweaver to edit HTML
  • Do not create any sub folders, all files must be placed in the root folder
  • Zip the folder when you are done with development
  • Go to Dashboard and click Restore

16. Can I integrate PDF files to my app?

Yes, you can add PDF files to your app, but you need to link these PDF files to your app page in order to make them accessible for users.

17. How do I effectively use Ad Mob?

Ad Mob Setting Page in App Dashboard prompts for publisher id, paste your Ad mob publisher id there and start enjoying Ad Mob.

18. Does my IPhone app works fine on an IPad?

IPhone apps work in magnified mode on IPad, thus it is advised that you publish a separate application to cater the needs of IPad users. We provide special templates for IPad’s large screen. (768*1024 px)

19. How to insert a YouTube video in my application?

Inserting a YouTube video in native application is very easy; all you need to do is follow some simple steps:

  1. Open YouTube.com and go to the desired video
  2. Under the video You will see an embed code, Copy that code
  3. Now go to your app and browse to desire page and click on Edit
  4. On left side in Toolbox area You will see YouTube icon, click on that
  5. Paste the embed code in the YouTube box and click save

N.B: Make sure that the video embed code is not greater than 350*256.

20. Where do I get binary app download link for Instant Build?

You will receive a download link in your inbox, please check the spam folder as sometimes email lands in your junk or spam folder. However if you do not receive an email then you can download the link from App dashboard below ‘Ready to Publish’ button.

21. Do I need to insert binaries every time I update my application on AppMaker?

Small media files and tiny updates require no new binaries but if you desire to SYNC large media files and make huge updates then you need to enter new binaries. Learn more about SYNC feature on this LINK.

22. Is it possible to edit my app name on AppMaker and if yes then will the new name appear on App Store and Play Store?

Project name on AppMaker is not your app name, it is just an identifier for your project on the website. Your app name is one which you provide in the Dashboard of App Store and Play Store. Remember that we do not append any sort of promotional info with the description.

23. Reporting Violations

It someone send you inappropriate or harassing content through chat and spams you with unsolicited messages, please don’t hesitate to report these violations immediately. To report a violation navigate to the Menu and click on Report Violations or simply click HERE. Fill the form and submit it. We will look into the matter and resolve it immediately. We Thank You for cooperation and helping us keep our web content clean.

24. How do I convert pages?

To convert pages, you need to follow some simple steps:

  • Open application in App Maker
  • Click ‘Edit Pages’
  • Select the page/pages from the list and click Edit
  • Just above the Save button you will find a convert link, click and choose the type you want your page converted to
  • Remember that all information will be erased from the previous page once you click Convert

25. How do I change Tab icons and Tab numbers?

Tab numbers and icons can be changed from Navigation Setting in the App dashboard. App navigation type can also be adjusted through Navigation Settings.

26. Explanation of Tool Box Buttons

  • REDO: Click this button to undo a change that you recently did with UNDO button.
  • UNDO: Click this button and it will undo your last action.
  • Paste: Highlight the space where you desire to paste the copied text, and then click this button.
  • Copy: Highlight the text you wish to copy and click this button.
  • Cut: Select the text that you want to paste somewhere and click this button, now highlight the space where you wish to paste the text and click the button again.
  • Remove: Removes changes done to the text (like font and color changes) without removing the text itself.
  • Italic: Select the text and click this button to turn text Italic.
  • Bold: Select the text and click this button to turn text Bold.
  • Align Right: Aligns text to right side of the screen.
  • Align Center: Aligns text to center of the screen.
  • Align Left: Aligns text to left side of the screen.
  • Align Justify: Text is aligned to look like a perfect square, line and word spacing are adjusted to give paragraph a homogenous look.
  • Outdent: Decreases the indent level of paragraph.
  • Indent: Increases the indentation level of paragraph.
  • Insert Numbers/ Insert List: This button allows you to insert bullets in the form of different icons and also in ascending and descending numbering.
  • Highlight Text: This button allows users to highlight text with different colors.
  • Text Color: This button allows users to text color, you can use it as many times as you want.
  • Font: Change text’s font through this button.
  • Size: Change text’s size through this button.
  • Format Current Block: This button changes text to heading, remember that headings are usually small and concise.
  • Table Insertion: This button allows you to insert table, select 0 if you want to insert the table without border, to insert table with border press 1.
  • Link Selection: This button allows you to re-direct text links to different pages and websites. Enter the URL’s and click insert.
  • Paragraph Insertion: This button allows you to insert a paragraph, remember that the block must contain at least 3 lines.
  • Image Insertion: This button allows you to insert an image, image can be inserted directly from Google, your computer and also in the form a zip file.
  • Internal Link: This button creates page jumps, you need to write a text and choose the page you want the user to be re-directed when the click the link, after entering the page URL click this button to create an internal link.
  • External Link: This button creates jumps outside your native app, enter site URL and click this button to create an external link.
  • In App Purchase Link: You can add an in-app purchase through this button, add some compelling text in the first text and enter the product ID from App Purchase in the second filed, lastly re-direct the page after purchasing and click this button.
  • Google Map Link Insertion: Browse Google Maps and find the place you wish to add the link of, then go to the top and copy link code. Click this button and you would be prompted to enter the copied code and place’s address, enter both these and a Google Map Link will be inserted to your app.
  • Unlink Selection: Get rid of all unwanted links through this button.
  • Phone number Link Insertion: Click this button if you wish to add phone number to your application. In first field enter the name of the person and the phone number in the second field.
  • Insert Mail to Link: Click this button if you want add email address to your application. In the first field enter some text and in second field insert the email address you wish to enter.
  • MP3 File Link Insertion: This button allows you to insert a MP3 file link, go to the website copy the embed code and paste it in the field and press insert.
  • MP3 File Insertion: This button allows you to insert a MP3 file, you can upload a file from your computer and once you upload the file click this button.
  • Play Movie: If you want to insert a video into your app, go to Upload File section, choose a file and upload it, later on you need to convert the media file into HTTP streaming once done with that click this button.
  • iframe Insertion: This button allows you to insert an iframe in your app, select a source and enter height and width but remember that height must be less than 310.
  • WAV File Insertion: This button allows you to insert a WAV file, upload a file, go to resources and click Choose.
  • YouTube Link Insertion: These simple steps will help you insert a YouTube Link.
  • Click this button
  • Open YouTube.com and go to the desired video
  • Under the video You will see an embed code, Copy that code
  • Now go to AppMaker.ca and browse to YourPage.html and click on Edit
  • On left side in Toolbox area You will see YouTube icon, click on that
  • Paste the embed code in the YouTube box and click save (Make sure that the video embed code is not greater than 350*256.)

27. Does application and iTunes differ in size?

App and iTunes icon must be same image but in different resolution. iPhone icon is 57*57 pixels, iPad icon is 72*72 pixels and iTunes icon is 1024*1024 pixels in size.

28. How to change app’s background image?

Follow these simple steps to change background image of you app.

  • Click Design Properties
  • In Properties list find Background image and click it
  • Select the image from your computer or Gallery
  • Now click add to Resource and then click Choose, your newly added image will be selected automatically
  • Click Apply changes and then click Done

29. How to obtain Ad Mob publisher ID?

Follow the below mentioned simple steps and get your Ad Mob id today.

  • Sign-up on Ad Mob
  • Choose App/Site from the menu
  • In your case pick ‘Android App’
  • Fill the following
    • Category
    • App Name
    • Description
  • Do not enter Android Package URL and click OK
  • Ignore the next screen that talks about Ad Mob and SDK, instead click ‘Sites/Apps’ button at the end of the page
  • Hover the mouse on the app you just added and you will see a Management Settings button, click it
  • You will now see your publisher id, make sure that it is a 15 letter code

30. Do I need my own Apple account or can I submit my app enter AppMaker.ca account?

AppMaker will only publish your app if it meets the following set of requirements.

  • App is usable for the end user
  • Contains instructive, informative and rich content
  • Contains offline media content
  • Contains interactive pages
  • Has a creative design and professional look
  • Cannot be classified as a copyright breach
  • Does not promote a Brand Name

If any of these requirements are not met AppMaker will not publish your app.

31. What is the use of Splash Screen?

Splash screen is the image or list of images which appear while the application loads. It is used to disguise the time taken by application for loading.

32. How do I set the price for my app on App Store?

Follow the simple steps to set a price for your app on App Store.

  • Login to ITunesconnect.com and select Manage your Applications
  • Select the Application
  • Click on Rights and Pricing
  • Select the tier
  • In effective Date section, select NOW
  • In end Date section, select NONE
  • Click Save Changes

33. Please brief about the Review Process.

Applications are approved by AppMaker and Apple before being published on App Store. We reject apps that are incomplete, contain broken links, inappropriate or copied content. We possess the right to reject any application that does not comply with our rules and regulations.

34. How to upgrade my plan without repaying Setup Fee?

Follow the simple steps to upgrade plan without paying Setup Fee.

  • Click on Profile in menu bar
  • Click Subscriptions
  • Click on the left link to View your subscriptions
  • Select Upgrade

Any Doubt?

Feel free to go to our tutorials section or contact us to know more.