What is iPhone X actually changing ?

When it come to mobile industry, Apple is constantly changing the game. They call the iPhone X: “the future” and it’s surely changing the the way iOS apps developers build there apps. With is top notch, buttonless and big flashy screen it’s more vital then ever to adapt your app layout since this device is barely only display.

iphone x design

A foot in the future

The iPhone X come right on time to embrace the augmented reality, AR, that is about take over in 2018. Already over 1000 apps on the App store are using the Apple’s ARKit. iPhone X is Apple’s respond to that demand and to competitors.

Embrace the notch

If you we’re thinking about updating your app, don’t think to much, other wise your app could be pick as bad example not embracing the top notch of the iPhone X.

iphone x not upadte UI

Yes the new type of screen from Apple may cause design challenge for developers, but there’s no way around it since Apple say it’s the future and I’ve try it my self and yes this phone is awesome. So be wise en embrace the notch!

Be wise and
embrace the notch!

New screenshot & presentation

Along with the new iPhone Apple launch new App Store in iOS 11. are now 3 screenshots instead of only 2 previously and you could add now 3 preview videos aa well. So we should all grab this new chance to attract attention when users scroll down in the App Store. It’s now, more then ever before, vital to optimize app’s graphics, icons, screenshots and previews.

iphone x developer help

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